Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #35

“Alright ladies and gentlemen looks like the challenger made quick work of team spirit. The first round of the bloodbath goes to team Kota who earned a rest until tomorrow. We will have a short intermission while a crew cleans up the bodies until then we ask that you all head to the main dining room on the fifth floor for a feast. The next battle will begin after the meal.” Kota glared at the girl with batwings as he passed her something seemed overly familiar about her. Victor and Azelf followed Kota out of the arena and up to his room. Atlas was waiting on them leaning against Kota’s doors. “You three did much better than I anticipated. Kota you are a born leader my boy I was so impressed I had some of my other slaves redo your room.” Atlas reached behind him and opened the doors. Inside almost all of the candles had been removed and the one moldy bed had been replaced with three newer twin beds that all had sheets and pillows. A fire was lit and glowed warmly in the hearth and a small table had fresh fruit and bread stacked in the middle. “Well boys welcome to your new room. The three of you will stay together until the tournament is over or until Kota fails. Also in the trunk over next to the wash room door I have provided new armor for all three of you.” Atlas stated as he twirled around pointing at the new touches Kota sighed and walked over to one of the beds began to strip till he was just in his underwear and went to the washroom. Before he entered he turned to Atlas and said, “Master I’m taking my leave of you. You can give me all these gifts and challenges but I will just ignore your affection and overcome your warriors. I do your will only as self-preservation not to entertain you.” Victor and Azelf struggled to keep straight faces as Atlas’ fury rose to the surface he opened his mouth to say something then closed and walked out saying “You will regret that boy.” After he exited Victor and Azelf erupted into laughter and collapsed into a giggling mess. Kota could not hold back hearing their chortles and snickers he began to laugh heartily. 

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