Friday, June 6, 2014

Page #42

As the beast spoke it's injured tail began to stitch it self together. Kota could not take his eyes off of the demon it's claws and tail swinging back and forth. 
(I have to take it out here if it eats anyone else it's power will be to great to kill and it will devour us all.)
"No in fact I know that my hatchet doesn't have to power to kill you I knew that as soon as I found out you were a demon. But the only way to kill a dark soul like yours is to drive the darkness completely from this plane." 
Kota took the mage stone from his gauntlet and inserted the dark stone that Atlas had charged earlier.
                       Kota gulped as he engaged the trigger inside of his gauntlet and spoke these words. "Flamma foras voco salvatoris sanctus sordes tibi putei reptantem eicaint vos." <I summon forth the holy flame of the saviour  to banish you to the pit of filth you crawled from.>  
                       Kota's gauntlet shot out black lightening as the gears spun faster than Kota had ever seen them. Kota used his other arm to steady his gauntlet and take aim. As Kota's aim locked on at the beast's head the beast crashed into the labyrinth trying to reach him. At that moment the black lightening merged into Kota's palm and cast a spell circle and from the center of the circle a golden sword twice as long as Kota slowly emerged from the portal once the hilt had made it through the circle it ignited into a brilliant white flame. Kota reached out and grabbed the sword it was lighter than a pen in his hand. At sight of the new weapon Kota now brandished the beast stopped dead in it's tracks and began to flee. The crowd was silent as Kota dashed over the stone walls of the labyrinth until he reached the beast. He lept from the wall and cut into the beast like a eagle descending onto its prey. The flame from the sword spread like a mist over the entire form of the beast and as it did black blood darker than ink sprayed over Kota as he removed the golden sword. 
"Go to hell" Kota spoke as he walked away the screams of the beast roared through the stadium as it erupted into blinding white flames once it did the golden sword in his hand began to atomize and blow away in the breeze. Once the final grain of the sword was out of sight the remaining husk of the beast exploded into ash. 
The crowd collectively gasped and applauded as Kota walked back to Victor. Who was standing there slack jawed beside Azelf who steadily sat next to the wall of the battlefield scribbling in his journal.
Kota walked over and reached down snatching the book from Azelf's hands. Inside was a sketch of Kota wielding the golden sword raised high over his head half of his body was covered in black. Kota looked at his arm and legs realizing how much of the demon's blood was covering his clothes. Kota let out a hearty laugh and handed the book back to Azelf them he walked away still giggling. 
As Kota walked off the field with Victor and Azelf following him the winged demonic announcer Eve spoke up. "Well everyone give it up for the challenger Team Kota, who just fought a man down with no injuries and an overwhelming victory over the manticore gang taking down a full powered Envy demon with single blow from an unnamed sword." All around the stadium the crowd erupted into a round of applause. "With five rounds left in the bloodbath I can personally say I can see this team making it out of this bloodbath alive. But who knows how this battle will end." 

Later inside the boy's room Kota screams as he tries to remove his power gauntlet. The energy that he harvested from Atlas was more than enough for six A-Class spells but even with one spell used the stone stayed blacker than the darkest shadow. Worse than that the spell had basically torn every muscle in Kota's right arm. 

"Kota this is really bad you'll have to sit out of tomorrows fight." Victor said as he helped Kota remove the gauntlet. Kota winced at the pain but his mind was set on winning every match from and he couldn't ask these two men to fight for his soul.
"No I will fight even if it kills me I will breath my last breath destroying my enemy that is a good death one that any man would be proud to have."
Kota clenched his jaw as he forced his right hand to form a fist.
"You'll be no help fighting one handed the enemies they throw at us from here on out will be tougher bigger more deadly than today. Especially now that they have seen your true strength." Azelf added as he walked over and held his hand out to Kota. 
"Grip my wrist with everything you have if you can hurt me i'll let you battle if not you'll just be in our way." Kota snatched Azefls wrist but with all his strength he could barely grip it with a final cry he released his hand and the muscles in his arm screamed in pain.
"Can I some of your blood then Azelf ? We can't afford to fight a man down tomorrow." 
Kota asked the question not thinking about what he was really asking. Vampires were very protective of their blood it was a precious commodity. It could heal practically any human wound. But if the human died with the vampire's blood in their system, there was a chance the human would be turned into a vampire and be sired to the vampire that gave them blood. That and the act itself was very sexual exchanging body fluids and such. 
Azelf turned a rosy pink with blush it was so unlike his normal pale white skin Victor giggled slightly. Azelf turned and stared at Victor who in turn went stiff as a board then shied away with a whistle.
"Are you sure that's what you want Kota?" Azelf asked as he sat on the bed with Kota. Kota wasn't one hundred percent sure he wanted to be healed this way but it was better than Kota sitting out in the next fight and losing either of his comrades. 
"Yes please just give me enough to fix me up though." Kota answered with a little uneasiness to his voice. 
"Fine close your eyes and open your mouth then." Kota did as he was ordered. Azelf bit the inside of his lip and leaned in close taking Kota's face in both of his hands he kissed Kota long and deep. At first Kota was shocked then the blood began to mix with his saliva and he swallowed hard forcing the taste down. The feeling that came next starting like butterflies in his stomach and flowed out ward toward his extremities like a million little pin pricks flowing under his skin he could feel the muscles in his arm tighten and stretch then heal almost instantly. But there was a feeling that wasn't the blood, in Kota's pants he felt a stirring there he hadn't felt since the last time he lay with a woman. Azelf finally pulled away from Kota licking his lips. Kota stared up at him unsure of what to say so he focused on the fact he was able to use his arm.
"Holy crap that was amazing, Victor look my arms feeling better already!" Kota emphasized this by waving at Victor. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Page #41

Before long all four of the competitors were choking on smoke. That is until the air suddenly became very clear Kota thankful was still confused as the smoke flowed out of the maze and into the mouth of the beast. The young woman wasn’t just sucking in the smoke it was like her lungs had become a vacuum pulling in any essence from the lioness shifter. That is when Kota watched in terror as the beast began to change unlike natural shape shifters who flow from one form to another the beast forced her body to shift with an unknown magic. Her shift was violent and grotesque like watching some creature chew the young woman and the lion humanoid that stood in her place was as large as an elephant. 
“Okay Victor we have a problem that beast girl she’s nowhere near what I call normal. What the fuck is that girl?” Kota asked helping victor off of the ground.
“The beast is not a shifter or a mage she is a demon like Atlas, but just a different breed. The beast is an envy demon they consume the essence of fallen warriors and use their power and attributes to change their bodies and strength levels. Envy demons using this disgusting magic have the potential for limitless physical strength.” Victor has about had it and now with a powerful demon trapped inside the maze with both of them Kota begins to get worried.
“Victor I need you to get to Azelf and deliver a message. Tell him that I don’t give a flying fuck what his problem is. If he doesn’t get off his ass this thing is going to kill all three of us. And I’m sure he would rather face this thing with both of us than by himself.” Kota watched in horror as the scorpion regrouped with the demon lion then watched the demon pick up the shifter and bite through scorpion’s exoskeleton and the sound of the demon sucking out its innards was enough to turn any stomach. Victor heard it as well and stifled a scream as he realized how strong this demon was and how evil it had to be to eat its own teammate.
“Victor just leave I will hold the beast off.”  Victor fled unsealing the magic sealing the beast inside the confines of the maze. The barrier had been draining his energy in an outlandish rate. The demon’s body shifted again this time its arms and tail twisted and exploded sending chunks of muscle and black blood splashing against the stone walls. Its tail and arms now resembled the scorpion’s claws and stinger but they were much larger. The beast truly looked like the fabled creature the Manticore.
Kota ascended the stone wall nearest to him and stood on top of the maze. The beast stood now rising to its full height dwarfed both Kota and the stone walls that formed the maze. Whipping its monstrous tail over its head the beast struck at Kota but luckily Kota was barely out of its reach.
“Beast I know what you are now and the time have come to put an end to this game. You are a demon a spirit consumed with the sin of envy and now I have no other choice then to remove you from this world.” Kota roared this as rocks cascaded from the impact of the beast’s tail striking the maze. Before the beast could recoil her tail Kota jumped from his ledge brandishing his hatchet in the power gauntlet he screamed an incantation as lunged forward. “Ferrum citatus ira Draco.” <I summon the wrath of the dragon blade.> A surge of energy burst forth from Kota’s gauntlet and wrapped around the hatchet’s blade forming a flaming extension of the steel. When the hatchet connected with the Beast’s tail a trail of fire flowed from the point of impact to halfway up the Beast’s tail. The Beast withdrew its tail quickly but it was too late black blood burst out of its wound and splattered the walls of the arena.

“You insolate child do you think a scratch is going to stop me from eating you and your friends?” The beast spoke for the first time since the match had begun its voice was far to calm for someone who had a gash six feet long oozing blood.

Page #40

“Great works Victor take a rest then I want you on the offensive with some elemental magic.” Kota said as he pulled on his goggles. Reinforcing the stone walls around him Kota saw through the rock and realized Victor’s magic was bound to each wall, farther in though he saw the shifters trying to climb over the maze. Kota could see the second barrier with his goggles but all the onlookers could see straight through. The beast master remained still though on the furthest end of the maze she sat banging her drum. (Wait just a minute where did she get that drum from I shot that thing right out of her hands. Fine whatever this time I’ll burn it to a cinder along with the rest of them.)
 Kota could see through the maze but he had no mental map of it like Victor. So he relied on his goggle to locate the enemy. The shifter nearest to him was the lioness, in her humanoid form now much more deadly than the mindless beast that charged head first into danger. This time she stayed practically still only lifting her feet inches off the ground Kota listened carefully with each step she took the was no sound that followed, not even an echo of a whisper. Kota cursed his luck she was using her ears to follow the drums back to the beast master. They were regrouping he looked farther in past the lion and just as he had predicted the scorpion was making his way back as well. There was no time to be stealthy and pick them off one at a time slowly he had to hurry before they were all able to regroup. Kota shifted his tactics drastically instead of inching around corners he would have to race to take out the two shifters and with no way to communicate with Victor their plan was crumbling fast.
 Looking through the walls Kota found an opening he might be able to exploit far up the maze near the middle of the field two pathways seem to intersect, but he would have to run at a dead sprint to get there before the lioness. Kota took off running at full speed inching closer and closer undoubtedly giving away his position as his feet met the earth and if the lioness was clever she would be expecting an attack. When Kota stopped he was only one turn away from meeting up with the lioness and she lied in wait at the end of the hallway. Kota saw her crouched in position ready to pounce but she kept one foot hidden behind a wall ready to jump back if Kota attacked. (She’s not going to wait for ever do I attack of do I wait her out.) That’s when Kota noticed Victor sneaking towards the other alley if he kept on course he would drive the lioness right to Kota.
Victor then tripped and fell on his face alerting the lioness to his presence she turned immediately that’s when Kota rounded the corner and cast “Infernus” <hellfire> The jungle cat was engulfed in flames, as they consumed her corpse smoke began to fill the maze much more than Kota had anticipated.