Friday, March 14, 2014

Page #41

Before long all four of the competitors were choking on smoke. That is until the air suddenly became very clear Kota thankful was still confused as the smoke flowed out of the maze and into the mouth of the beast. The young woman wasn’t just sucking in the smoke it was like her lungs had become a vacuum pulling in any essence from the lioness shifter. That is when Kota watched in terror as the beast began to change unlike natural shape shifters who flow from one form to another the beast forced her body to shift with an unknown magic. Her shift was violent and grotesque like watching some creature chew the young woman and the lion humanoid that stood in her place was as large as an elephant. 
“Okay Victor we have a problem that beast girl she’s nowhere near what I call normal. What the fuck is that girl?” Kota asked helping victor off of the ground.
“The beast is not a shifter or a mage she is a demon like Atlas, but just a different breed. The beast is an envy demon they consume the essence of fallen warriors and use their power and attributes to change their bodies and strength levels. Envy demons using this disgusting magic have the potential for limitless physical strength.” Victor has about had it and now with a powerful demon trapped inside the maze with both of them Kota begins to get worried.
“Victor I need you to get to Azelf and deliver a message. Tell him that I don’t give a flying fuck what his problem is. If he doesn’t get off his ass this thing is going to kill all three of us. And I’m sure he would rather face this thing with both of us than by himself.” Kota watched in horror as the scorpion regrouped with the demon lion then watched the demon pick up the shifter and bite through scorpion’s exoskeleton and the sound of the demon sucking out its innards was enough to turn any stomach. Victor heard it as well and stifled a scream as he realized how strong this demon was and how evil it had to be to eat its own teammate.
“Victor just leave I will hold the beast off.”  Victor fled unsealing the magic sealing the beast inside the confines of the maze. The barrier had been draining his energy in an outlandish rate. The demon’s body shifted again this time its arms and tail twisted and exploded sending chunks of muscle and black blood splashing against the stone walls. Its tail and arms now resembled the scorpion’s claws and stinger but they were much larger. The beast truly looked like the fabled creature the Manticore.
Kota ascended the stone wall nearest to him and stood on top of the maze. The beast stood now rising to its full height dwarfed both Kota and the stone walls that formed the maze. Whipping its monstrous tail over its head the beast struck at Kota but luckily Kota was barely out of its reach.
“Beast I know what you are now and the time have come to put an end to this game. You are a demon a spirit consumed with the sin of envy and now I have no other choice then to remove you from this world.” Kota roared this as rocks cascaded from the impact of the beast’s tail striking the maze. Before the beast could recoil her tail Kota jumped from his ledge brandishing his hatchet in the power gauntlet he screamed an incantation as lunged forward. “Ferrum citatus ira Draco.” <I summon the wrath of the dragon blade.> A surge of energy burst forth from Kota’s gauntlet and wrapped around the hatchet’s blade forming a flaming extension of the steel. When the hatchet connected with the Beast’s tail a trail of fire flowed from the point of impact to halfway up the Beast’s tail. The Beast withdrew its tail quickly but it was too late black blood burst out of its wound and splattered the walls of the arena.

“You insolate child do you think a scratch is going to stop me from eating you and your friends?” The beast spoke for the first time since the match had begun its voice was far to calm for someone who had a gash six feet long oozing blood.

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