Friday, March 14, 2014

Page #38

“Welcome back ladies and gentle monsters It’s day two of the atlas annual bloodbath and wow wee what a show Atlas has set up for us today! Yesterday’s victors team Kota will be going up against a deadly combo that took second place at last year’s bloodbath. For those of you in attendance last year please no spoilers for our new attendees. Now ladies and gents put your claws together for Team Kota as they make their way onto the field.” Atlas’s announcer Eve has the talent for whip the crowds into frenzy. The air is filled with riotous applause as Kota, Azelf and Victor make their way out onto the field. Atlas glares at Kota from his seat on high and Kota doesn’t even acknowledge Atlas’s presence he focuses instead on the gate on the opposite side of the field.
“And now the opposing team for today’s match some of you might recognize this crew from their wanted posters all over Etherya. Other might recognize them from this very arena one year ago. Either way give it up for the Manticore gang! With their leader the Beast of wind vale, and his two shifter comrades King the scorpion and Queen the lioness.  A scorpion larger than most full grown dogs emerged from the pit first its tail brandishing a venom filled stinger the size of a melon. Second to emerge was a ferocious fanged lion its paws twice as large as Kota’s head. Finally wrapped in a dark hooded robe a lone man rests on hand on both of the terrifying creatures, calming them.
“Victor what do you know about this man this beast of wind vale?” Kota asked eyeing the scorpion warily.
“Well first of the beast is a she. Second is we are so dead.” Victor says while preparing a spell.
“Azelf what do you think…Azelf!?!?” Kota screams as the vampire begins to walk away smoking his pipe.
“Whatever you decide to do… do not summon a monster.” Azelf says as he waves goodbye walks over to the edge of the arena and slumps against the wall.
“You lazy good for nothing Vampire I should broil you ass alive!” Kota screams as Victor works and abacus suddenly very nervous. Kota grabs hold of both of Victor’s shoulders.
“Don’t worry …Victor hey Victor! Focus man look at me we just got to stick to the plan. Divide and conquer okay say it with me Vic divide and conquer.” Kota while the entire coliseum looks on.
“Divide and conquer okay Kota let’s do this.” Victor says grabbing his staff and beginning a chant. On the other side of the field the Manticore gang is getting ready as well the beast of wind vale removes her hood to reveal a young women wearing fur from only to hide her chest and legs. Her face and arms covered in green war paint and leather straps. She removes two poles connected by a chain each tipped with a spears head from her robes along with a small drum. Kota grips the trigger inside his gauntlet ready to invoke the first spell, his other hand on his hatchet waiting for the countdown to begin. 

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