Friday, March 14, 2014

Page #39

Watching the energy swirl around and through his opponents Kota realizes that all three of their opponents have grounded their energy drawing large quantities of power from the earth. That’s when the drumming begins a slow and steady rhythm the Beast taps slowly but powerfully onto her tiny drum. Soon though the crowd joins in stomping their feet to the beat of the Beast song. Kota looks back to Azelf for a moment who is for some reason sketching the battle in a lightning fast pace. Page after page Azelf finishes one then starts the next without removing his pipe from his mouth.
“ALRIGHT ladies and gentlemen we are about to begin the second match in the annual Atlas bloodbath please be seated. Wait what’s this it looks like team Kota’s Azelf does not wish to participate in today’s fight. Instead I believe he has decided to keep his nose out of this one. Could it be the vampire is still injured from yesterday’s bout against team spirit? Or is this vampire just not willing to risk his life and limbs again for a human? Either way looks like team Kota is fighting one man down, because this match is starting in 3, 2, 1, Lets Go.”
Kota was the first to move firing a shot from his hatchet straight down the field striking the drum right between the Beast’s hands. The shifters began tearing down the field at a blind pace zigzagging and crossing paths.
“Anytime now Victor my hatchet isn’t big enough for both of these things.” Kota called as he reloaded. As Kota snapped his hatchet closed the two shifters were less than three yards away. “Dammit Victor drop the damn maze!!” Kota called before he cast. “In flammam flammas meum super inimicos aestus.”  <wash my foes in flames Flame tide.> A sudden column of flames burst forth from Kota’s hand and collapsed falling towards both of the shifters  and driving them both back desperately trying to escape the pain of the fire. As the flames began to lick at the shifter heels a series of large stone tablets began to fall from the sky and strike all over the arena until a large stone maze formed in-between both teams and each of the competitors.

“Look at this folks the labyrinth mage finally strikes with one of his signature barrier spells the stone wall maze! Each of the competitors is own their own now as they now have to transverse this this confusion of stone fortifications.” 

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