Friday, March 14, 2014

Page #36

“Alright Kota that was funny and all but Atlas is a cold blooded killer, keep prodding at him like that and you’ll end up killing all three of us.”  Victor’s eyes conveyed the fear that Kota was inherently lacking. Azelf said nothing but nodded in agreement.
“Calm yourself Victor I promise not to tease the master but I meant exactly what I said. I am here for one reason and one reason only Self-preservation. The only thing I have left is my life I’m not going to spend it pleasing him.” As Kota said this both of his comrades seemed to look at him with a new found respect. Something Kota was glad to earn off the battlefield. “Now on to the next subject seems our most generous master has supplied us with a few medical necessities. Azelf jumped up when he heard medical, a bit too fast and the gnarly cut in shoulder made him jolt with agony. Kota leaned down in his bathing gear and handed the vampire a glass jar containing blood the life source for all vampires.
“You know not many men human or otherwise would jump in front of a blade for a stranger. That tells me more about you than could fill a book. But I do have to say thank you Azelf I hope to be able to return the favor one day.” Azelf smiled a wicked grin that sent shivers down Kota’s spine as he undid the lid to the jar and gulped down the contents. “Well you’ll get your chance tomorrow we have another six rounds coming down the pipe so I suggest we all wash up, get to bed and wake up bright and early to get some strategizing in before the next match. The men followed Azelf’s lead washed and went to sleep. Kota was grateful that these two men seemed like the sort he could trust but that lingering feeling of curiosity was gnawing at his innards. Who were these men really? What did Atlas have on them that they would both serve him blindly? How was he to ever get out of this hell hole? What challenges faced him tomorrow? All of these questions plagued him deep into the night. The next Morning Kota woke with a start his hand wrapped around the hilt of his hatchet. He began to swing and stopped just short of cutting off Victor’s hand shaking him awake.
“So not a morning person got it… but you might want to save that for the fight today.” Victor said sliding his hand off Kota and opening the chest left by Atlas last night.

“This armor is barely usable so by new I’m guessing Atlas meant new to us. Ughh just when I thought he might give us a hand up. At this point it would be easier to spell the clothes we have on.” Kota dragged himself out of the bed and half pulled on his trousers jumping over to Victor. 

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