Friday, March 14, 2014

Page #40

“Great works Victor take a rest then I want you on the offensive with some elemental magic.” Kota said as he pulled on his goggles. Reinforcing the stone walls around him Kota saw through the rock and realized Victor’s magic was bound to each wall, farther in though he saw the shifters trying to climb over the maze. Kota could see the second barrier with his goggles but all the onlookers could see straight through. The beast master remained still though on the furthest end of the maze she sat banging her drum. (Wait just a minute where did she get that drum from I shot that thing right out of her hands. Fine whatever this time I’ll burn it to a cinder along with the rest of them.)
 Kota could see through the maze but he had no mental map of it like Victor. So he relied on his goggle to locate the enemy. The shifter nearest to him was the lioness, in her humanoid form now much more deadly than the mindless beast that charged head first into danger. This time she stayed practically still only lifting her feet inches off the ground Kota listened carefully with each step she took the was no sound that followed, not even an echo of a whisper. Kota cursed his luck she was using her ears to follow the drums back to the beast master. They were regrouping he looked farther in past the lion and just as he had predicted the scorpion was making his way back as well. There was no time to be stealthy and pick them off one at a time slowly he had to hurry before they were all able to regroup. Kota shifted his tactics drastically instead of inching around corners he would have to race to take out the two shifters and with no way to communicate with Victor their plan was crumbling fast.
 Looking through the walls Kota found an opening he might be able to exploit far up the maze near the middle of the field two pathways seem to intersect, but he would have to run at a dead sprint to get there before the lioness. Kota took off running at full speed inching closer and closer undoubtedly giving away his position as his feet met the earth and if the lioness was clever she would be expecting an attack. When Kota stopped he was only one turn away from meeting up with the lioness and she lied in wait at the end of the hallway. Kota saw her crouched in position ready to pounce but she kept one foot hidden behind a wall ready to jump back if Kota attacked. (She’s not going to wait for ever do I attack of do I wait her out.) That’s when Kota noticed Victor sneaking towards the other alley if he kept on course he would drive the lioness right to Kota.
Victor then tripped and fell on his face alerting the lioness to his presence she turned immediately that’s when Kota rounded the corner and cast “Infernus” <hellfire> The jungle cat was engulfed in flames, as they consumed her corpse smoke began to fill the maze much more than Kota had anticipated. 

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