Friday, March 14, 2014

Page #37

“Can you really do that spell our clothes?” Kota asked pulling on his pants then reaching past Victor and pulling out a gauntlet from the chest of armor.
“In theory yes I can spell a barrier that can withstand either projectile attacks or close range strikes but the barriers would have to be rather small or they could hinder movement.” Kota mulled that over for a moment. Azelf looked puzzled at Kota while Victor bit into an apple. “Okay fine what is the lightest barrier you can construct that can repel projectile attacks?” Kota asked as he began to tear through the chest of armor taking out gears and hoses.
“Well that would have to be a fire screen burns up physical objects that come in contact with the screen and absorbs magic and energy based attacks  but the heat from it would incinerate flesh in about five minutes six tops.” Victor said not sure how Kota expected to accomplish this.
“Great can you spell it on fly like in the midst of battle or does it take a minute to set up and do you need to make contact with the armor to spell it?” Kota found a pair of leather gauntlets and three other pairs in steel, bronze and copper.
“No I don’t need to have physical contact to the object but at least a clear sight of the clothing I’m spelling.” Kota slid one leather gauntlet on then a steel one over that one and repeated the process on Azelf shoving his arm inside both of the gauntlets.

“Great these should buy us about eight minutes after you cast the fire screen to drop these suckers before our arms burst into flames. Now this is what I’m thinking boys.” Kota says as he snaps on his goggles and straps on his power gauntlet.

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