Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #34

With the phantom distracted and Azelf about to lock into battle with the reanimated corpse Kota ran right up the middle avoiding flying stones as the golem hurled them at the phantom. His hatchet an extension of his arm Kota wielded it to deflect a projectile being launched at him from across the field. The shaman had cast brimstone storm a spell that hurls sharp stones at a foe in rapid succession. Kota did his best to dodge the flying stones and the ones that came close to him he deflected with his hatchet all while running straight at the shaman gaining ground quickly. Off to Kota’s left Azelf’s blade was cutting through the corpse like butter and to the right Victor’s golem was locked in battle with the phantom knocking the phantom around like a ragdoll. This battle was close to over. Kota pointed his hatchet’s rifle at the shaman. The shaman shocked he instinctively reached out for his phantom with is mind and telepathically pulled the phantom across the field from the golem’s grasp and as Kota shot the phantom’s physical body absorbed the gun fire. Kota struck the knight through the breast plate a stream of blood shot from the other side him as he fell to the ground. That’s when the shaman made his move his eyes rolling into the back of his head he began to chant another spell. Kota felt the familiar pull of magic behind him so he simply stepped to the right and watched as a beam of light struck the shaman in the chest and shot through the other side. Victor had shot a lightening pulse spell from the other side of the stadium and struck the shaman dead center. Kota turned and began to walk away as the crowd roared in their victory then the crowd let out a collective gasp as Kota felt something wet hit his neck. Turning he saw Azelf with the phantoms blade slicing into his arm and his sword removing the phantom’s head. “Stupid human you never turn your back on an undead opponent.” Kota pulled the trigger inside his gauntlet and aimed the palm at the phantom. “Gehennam.” <Hellfire> Black flames erupted from the palm of Kota’s gauntlet and struck the phantom knight in the chest sending his body flying into the air landing in the arena’s seating just below Atlas’ private booth. Atlas looked down with a sick smile; he was obviously pleased by how easily Kota’s team took out team spirit. Kota looked at the wound Azelf was clutching. “Are you okay?” Kota asked standing over Azelf. “I’ll be fine I just need some blood. I haven’t drunk fresh blood in weeks.” Kota offered him his hand and said. “Thank you Azelf come on I’ll give you some fresh blood.” Azelf ignored the hand and stood on his own, puffing on his pipe he blew smoke out of the side of his mouth then said “Thanks but I’m not sure you want me to drink from you, I might not want to stop.” Azelf emphasized this by flashing his fangs at Kota in a smile. As Kota and Azelf walked up to Victor walked up and touched his stone golem and in a flash of light the golem disappeared. 

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