Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #32

“I need to know something about the two men I am aligned with.” Kota said as he knelt down in front of Atlas his master looked up with a bit of intrigue. “What have you stolen from them? You have my soul but what did you take from them to force them to obey your every command.” Kota looked Atlas dead in his bloody red eyes. “That is none of your business Kota and I wouldn’t tell you simply for asking. If they want you to know they will tell you but I wouldn’t suggest you ask them either. If you all survive they may tell you on their own.” Atlas’ eyes and smile narrowed he was enjoying watching Kota’s curiosity and frustration grow. “Thank you for your time Master… One more thing master may I ask you to charge a mage stone for me.” Kota removed one of his pieces of quartz from his gauntlet and handed it to Atlas. The demon looked at the stone for a moment then squeezed it between his claws. A dark light surrounded his claws as the quartz absorbed the energy. “I’ve never done this before so I have no clue what will happen if you decide to use this.” Atlas said handing the stone back to Kota the once clear quartz had turned black. “I have a hypothesis.” Kota said as he exited.

With the arena full of Atlas’ guests Kota walked out on the field followed by Azelf and Victor. Kota looked into the crowd many were grotesque monsters he assumed were other demons and some were vampires but toward the V.I.P. section next to Atlas Kota could make out a few humans. “Get your head in the game human any moment now three men are going to charge the field trying to kill us.” Kota turned and saw Azelf take off his mask and put in his pipe. Kota felt the pressure from the demon stone in his pocket, his hatchet at his hip and his arm in his gauntlet. Kota looked at Victor he had a book out and was going over his spells his staff at the ready.  At that very moment a young woman flew down from Atlas’ booth on a pair of bat wings. “Good evening ladies and gentle monsters. Welcome to the four hundredth annual Atlas Cain Bloodbath. This year’s challenger is a plucky human boy named Kota. He has chosen from last year’s top contenders and chose Victor the Labyrinth Mage and Duke Azelf of the Vampires as his comrades for this year battle. Anyone who witnessed last year’s Bloodbath knows how strong these guys are. With seven days of battle ahead I wonder how long these three hope to last.  Without further ado let’s bring out our first team of challengers Team Spirit."

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