Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #20

“May I ask you a personal question sir?” Kota asked as the old mage turned to leave. “If the question is not to personal.” Said the mage. “The shifter that attacked you did you manage to kill it or did you let it escape?” Kota gave the old mage a moment to answer. “When the beast attacked me I did not hold back I destroyed it. Though some times when I think about it I wish I had not taken his life.” The old mages eyes showed a twinge of regret and for a moment Kota felt the same of his own attacker. “How about you, did you kill your assailant as well or did you let it escape with its life?” The old mage asked brining Kota back to the moment when he had crushed that shifter’s skull. “I killed it but, my only regret is that I didn’t do it cleaner and faster to ease her suffering.”  And with that Kota turned and left. Kota walked around the village for a few hours thinking of how he had taken away that assassin’s life. It had been easier than he thought stopping her was his only goal and he was willing to do anything to accomplish this. But the life he had stolen from her was just as important as his. Kota had been wandering through town absently and only then did he realize where he was standing. Kota stood in front of the parish, the church had arrived only a year or so before Kota had left for mirage city. Kota walked in and took a seat on one of the benches before the alter and silently he said a prayer for the soul of his attacker. Then he exited quickly before he had a chance to see the priest. Kota practically ran to Morten’s forge to see if he was finished with the settings for his lenses. As Kota had expected Morten had finished the settings and sat outside smoking his pipe. “Finally my friend I was begging to worry about you.” Morten said as he tossed the bronze setting to Kota. The settings were just as Kota had specified down to the gear shape that would surround the lenses. Kota removed the potion from his pocket along with the opals he poured the potion on the lenses and then inserted them into the settings making sure the lenses would not shift in any way. Kota then removed a few leather thongs and tied them to either end of the goggles. “Go ahead Kota try them on I wish to see how they fit you.” Morten said as he stood up snatched the Goggles from Kota and began fastening them to his head. Through the goggles Kota saw everything clearer than clear. He saw how the water flowed through the trees how the wind blew through the sky how the blood pumped through Morten’s body.  “Oh Morten they work even better than I could have imagined I see the flow of everything. Now I only need to test them on a glamor and my theory will be proven. With these no assassin will be able to get within a mile of the mage king or any other king. I am going to be a very rich man.” Kota said as he removed the goggles. “Well I don’t care much for all that assassin nonsense but the very rich man sounds promising. Especially cause the first round is on you tonight.” Morten said as he poked Kota in the shoulder. At that very second a loud whirling sound began to invade the air growing louder as an airship flew overhead.  As it passed over Kota and Morten looked at each other. “I will see you at the tavern later.” They said practically in unison as they shook hands. Then without warning Kota took off running like a mad man towards the fields behind his house. 

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