Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #23

“Was it that bad?” Morten asked as he held up his pint to drink. Kota snatched the pint right out of his friend’s hand and downed that one in two gulps. “I guess so!” Morten began to chuckle and Kota held up a silver piece. “Here buy us another three rounds and I’ll tell you all about it.” Morten grabbed the coin and immediately grabbed the bar tenders attention. Kota walked off and found an empty table next to a group of travelers. From the looks of then they came from the southern coastal country of Rowanur. Kota felt inside his jacket for his hatchet, it was there and that reassured him a bit. Morten walked up shortly after and placed the next round of drinks onto the table. Within an hour Kota had forgotten about his mother’s concern and he and Morten were recounting tales from their youth. All the while the travelers from Rowanur were quietly playing a game of cards. “Do you remember the time you, Quesha and I broke into old Quincy’s stables?” Morten asked Kota a dirty smile covering his face. Kota responded, “Which time? The time we took the black stallion out for a ride in the middle of the night and Mrs. Malcolm swore up and down she saw children flying on a shadow the next day? Or the time we got drunk off that bottle of honey wine you stole from old hog face?” Kota asked as he gestured with his ale. “The time we drank three whole bottles of that honey wine. You and Quesha had just found out that your apprenticeships were going to take you both out of the village and my apprenticeship forced me to stay here in the village.” Morten swirled his ale around in his glass before he gulped down the remainder. “Aye that day was hard on all three of us Quesha was to go deep into the jungle to study with the medicine woman. I had to travel to Mirage city to study with Professor Faulk and you had to stay here with old Hoggart. We drank ourselves completely silly that night. If my memory serves me right Quesha passed out and fell asleep in Snow fire’s stable and me and you finished the wine on top of the stable while we watched the stars.” Kota recalled the night very clearly he had often thought of that last night in the village with fondness. “Yes my friend that is indeed how the evening played out… It’s good to have you back Kota. When Quesha returned it was as if my life had started again, but now that you’re back as well it can be just like the old days.” Morten looked at Kota then through an arm around his shoulder and gave him a slight squeeze. “Well almost Morten I still have things left undone in Mirage City. I must finish my studies and receive my certification.” Kota said as he removed Morten’s arm from around him. “Ahh that’s not what you need Kota you’re plenty smart already. What you need to do is open a mechanic’s shop here with your mother so she won’t have to race to make it through the typhoon season and so I don’t have to go without seeing my friend.”  Morten swung his body away from the table and walked toward the bar.

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