Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #31

Kota thought about it for moment then said. “How many unseen barriers can you cast at once and how long do the incantation last?”  Victor looked at his hands and balled them into fist. “I can cast up to five unseen barriers at a time but if they are physical barriers like a stone or iron wall I can cast up to twenty at a time. I was once recognized by the name the labyrinth mage and my unseen barriers can only last an hour, but my physical barriers can last up to 4 hours.” Victor was fired up for a fight you could see it in the way he spoke. “Okay very impressive Victor we can defiantly work with that. How about you Azelf other than a vampire’s speed and strength what else are you capable of?” Kota was excited to hear what the vampire was able to do. Azelf removed his mask and revealed his mouth he immediately stuck a pipe in his mouth and lit it. “I can heal myself and others with the life force I drain from my victims. I can also cast a smoke screen with this pipe that only vampires and certain equipment can see through. That along with my speed and strength is the reason Victor told you to choose me. What can you do human?” Azelf said with a sneer. “I can use fire magic and I’m able to summon fire creatures as well. But the reason that Atlas hates me so enthusiastically is that I can see through glamors and illusions.” Kota said as he removed the pair of goggles from his pocket. The opals were cracked and the mage’s charge of magical energy had long since dissipated. “All I need is a small charge to these babies, Victor would you mind giving them a bit of magic?” Kota said as he handed them to Victor. “Yep not a problem these will come in handy.” “Now as far as the battle goes here is what I’m thinking.” Kota went into detail over the next few minutes going over strategies and maneuvers. “Okay you two now that we are clear on the battle plan gather any remaining supplies you need and meet me back here.” Kota ran off and called out to master Atlas. “Master Atlas may I see you?”  Deep within Kota’s void he heard Atlas’ voice whisper ‘come to my room’. Kota ran up the spiral stair case to the top floor than around the walk ways until he reached a large stone archway. ‘Turn inside here’ the void whispered. Soon Kota was knocking at the door of the demon.
“Yes human come inside.” Kota heard from the other side of the doorway. Kota entered to find a huge room filled with the scent of honey and smoke. The walls were painted a bright yellow and the floor was covered with one giant red silk pillow. Ten golden chandeliers hung from the ceiling each filled with pink glowing lanterns. Atlas sat in the very center of the room in thin bath robe reading a large leather book. “What do you want human? I’m reading now and my guests will soon arrive so I must be dressed shortly.” Atlas said as he flipped a page in the leather tome. 

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