Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #26

It stood up and roared a deep bellowing roar then ran out of the doorway. Kota hurried over to Scotty and picked up his motionless body. Tears streamed from Kota’s face as he closed Scotty’s eyes. After placing Scotty on his bed Kota located his pack and pulled on his power gauntlet. Following the black blood the monster had left a trail throughout his house Kota had his hand on the trigger inside. It was in the kitchen where he found the creature along with the headless body of his father. Kota’s mother was swinging a clever at the monster as it deflected her attacks with one claw it dropped orb of energy into its mouth with its other claw. Kota pulled the trigger then chanted a spell so quickly the monster had no chance to evade. “Flammis deglutait exitum hostibus meis!” < Flames of destruction swallow my enemy!>
A red hot flame shot from the palm of the power gauntlet and was heading straight for the monster’s back. Then at the second of contact the monster stepped to the side and Kota watched helplessly as his spell hit his own mother. Kota’s mother let out a blood curdling scream that echoed throughout the house as the flames from his spell consumed her body. With Kota’s mother distracted the monster stepped behind her and thrust his deadly claw through her back and ripped up into her chest cavity. Kota screamed in protest as he watched the monster remove her soul and devour it just as he had done with his brother and father. As he swallowed the demon’s body became fully healed, then with a simple gesture the demon was suddenly dressed. With his hair once again tied back in a ponytail not a hair out of place. Kota was shocked and amazed at the level of power this creature seemed to have it would take a miracle to kill this thing.
“Well now that they’re out of the way let’s talk.” The demon said as he picked up a cup of tea from the kitchen table and began to sip from it. Kota let out a roar and charged at the demon removing his hatchet gun from his coat he fired a shot at the demon and as expected the demon avoided the blast, but Kota swung his hatchet and barely missed the demon’s head and connected with a wooden pillar.
“Now really son you might want to hear me out.” The demon teased as his tail wrapped around Kota’s wrist and snatched off his power gauntlet. Kota tried to pull the axe from out of the pillar but he had swung with all of his strength and his axe was embedded deep in the wood. “Why would I waste my breath I’ll kill you, you fucking monster!” Kota screamed as he threw his fist at the demon’s face with all the strength he could. The demon caught his hand before he could land a punch. 

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