Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #28

“That is a warning human try to disobey to ask questions ever again and it will be much worse.” Kota stood up and grabbed his gauntlet and ripped his hatchet out of the wooden pillar in the wall then he ran upstairs and gathered everything else that belonged to him. Soon he was waiting outside for the demon. After an hour had passed Kota needed to stretch his legs so he walked around back to the airship and climbed inside looking around he found twelve gold coins and picked them up. Then Kota heard a whisper that sounded like it came from his void that said “Come to me human and be quick about it.”  Kota ran back inside where the demon had cleaned the entire house and his mother, his father and his brother had all been restored to life. Kota was overwhelmed at the beauty of seeing them alive but some part of him was unable to enjoy this moment. The demon stood beside his father and his mother while they discussed the farm and Scotty played on the floor with a few wooden toys his father had sculpted. “Mom dad it’s me!” Kota suddenly burst out. His parents didn’t even look up. “Hello guys it’s me Kota.” Once again there was no response from either of them or Scotty. “They can’t see you or hear you human and if you were to touch them all they would feel is a breeze. I just wanted you to see that I have indeed fulfilled my contractual obligation. Now you are coming with me.” Kota looked once more at his family as he walked past them and out into the village square with his master picking up his pack as he walked a few paces behind the demon. “Um what am I supposed to call you?” Kota asked as politely as possible. “My name is master as far as you’re concerned and your name is human as far as I am concerned, but if anyone asks you who your master is you will reply I humbly serve my master Cain Atlas. Is that understood human?” The demon turned and looked him in the eyes. “Of course Master Atlas.” Kota said through gritted teeth. When they reached the village well Atlas grabbed Kota by the neck of his jacket and through him in jumping in just after Kota. Kota screamed on the way down then the demon caught up to him as they hit the water. But instead of being surrounded by water Kota found himself flailing around in a puddle. Somehow the demon had transported him from the village well to somewhere where the air was cold the sun was bright and the air tasted of blood. “Stand up human you are embarrassing yourself.”

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