Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #27

The demon’s tail wrapped around Kota’s other hand rendering him defenseless. “Now shut up and pay attention worm you have two very simple options here. You can die like the rest of these people.” The demon’s said gesturing to the corpses of his family. “Or” the demon ended. “Or what?” Kota asked. “Or I can give them their souls back in exchange for you selling your soul to me. It’s your choice son you can sell your soul and get your family back or I will rip it out of you and you can die like the rest of them.” The demon smiled an evil sickening grin. The choice was clear Kota would have to consent. “What do I have to do?” Kota practically spat the words at him. “So glad you can see reason.” The demon removed his claw and tail from Kota’s arms and from his jacket pocket produced a quill and a long piece of parchment. With lighting fast speed the demon pricked his finger tip with the quill and began to write on the parchment. In about 5 seconds he had filled the entire page with miniscule script to tiny for mice to read. “Just sign and date here and I will return your family and as an added bonus I will even fix any damage I caused while I was ripping out their souls.” Kota looked at the contract for a moment then at the bodies of his mother and father. Kota reached for the quill and the demon struck out and stabbed Kota’s fingertip with it. “It must be signed in blood.” He said as he handed the quill to Kota. Kota put the pen to the parchment and before he could sign he watched the blood run of the tip and form his signature. Then the parchment began to float into the air and began to glow. The light was so intense that Kota had to shield his eyes when he looked back a simple glass jar floated where the contract had been. The demon reached out and snatched the jar then he placed a claw on Kota’s mouth prying it open he reached inside his throat and stuck his entire arm down his throat. When the demon began to remove his arm Kota could feel something fighting to stay inside it felt as if the demon was ripping his heart out. Strands of pain like chains to his body were being snapped as the demon removed his hand. In his hand was Kota’s soul, a red smoky ball of energy that the demon shoved into the jar immediately. Kota felt sick his mind and body were fine he was still alive but something was deeply wrong there was this void in him a place he had always known as himself. “You now belong to me my every desire is your desire my every thought is your command if you try to disobey you will know a cruel pain no human has witnessed in over six thousand years. You are my property as such you have no rights no privileges you have nothing in this world. Your friends your family they will not recognize you. The good news is you are alive and will stay that way as long as your soul belongs to me. Now stand up and gather your belongings anything you own when you are finished wait outside until I tell you otherwise.” Kota started to protest but as soon as he opened his mouth a sharp pain like one thousand needles jabbing at his insides sent him writhing in pain.

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