Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #33

A lone man walked out of an iron gate on the opposite end of the arena. The man was of short stature and seemed to be dragging a much larger man behind him. “Hey atlas one man against the three of us this really is going to be a bloodbath!” Kota yelled the crowd went into an uproar of laughter. But behind him Victor had a worried look on his face. “Introducing, John Stone leader of team spirit!” The girl with bat wings announced. “The first fight of the Demon Atlas’ Bloodbath begins in three, two, one Fight!!” The demon girl flew off and Kota put on his goggles. Behind John there was a swirling mass of cloudy energy and Kota’s heart began to pump furiously as he realized what John Stone was. “Azelf, Victor watch out he’s a Shaman he has a phantom behind him.”  The little man on the other side of the arena began to giggle as he shot a tendril of magic toward the swirling energy and the phantom took corporeal form. The mass of energy slowly gained legs and arms as it passed through the veil cut open by the shaman. Soon after a phantom knight suit of armor, shield and sword was standing next to John; but there was still more energy flowing through the veil and into the man that John had dragged onto the field. Kota gripped his hatchet in one hand and his fingers wrapped around the trigger inside of his gauntlet as the man began to stand. Kota suddenly realized in horror that is was a reanimated corpse wielding two oversized cleavers. “Okay that’s better.” Kota said as a smile spread across his face. “Azelf, you take the corpse dismantle that thing. Victor I want you to summon something to keep that phantom occupied. I’m going after the shaman we have to close that veil before he summons more spirits.” Swifter than the wind Azelf sprinted across the field with his hand on his sword and his pipe hanging from his mouth. As Azelf rushed the field the phantom charged as well but he was not able to intercept Azelf before the ground began to quake beneath the arena shook as a stone golem burst from underneath the ground. With a bead of sweat dripping down Victors face he finished a chant commanding the golem to attack the phantom knight. Azelf ran up beside the golem using it as a distraction as he made his closer to the reanimated corpse that was slowly making its way into the field. Kota looked at Victor who had exhausted most of his energy summoning that golem. “Rest for a moment let your creature do the work as soon as you catch your breath I want you to aim your most powerful elemental spell at the shaman.” Kota said as he ran off to join the fray. Leaping over the field Kota ran almost as fast as the phantom had. 

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