Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #25

Kota couldn’t seem to breathe as the creature started to walk towards him. Kota freaked out then ripping the goggles off his face and threw them in the direction of the creature. While in midair the goggle connected with something and the hovered there for a moment before pink lighting began shooting from the lenses. Thunder cracked as the lighting began to grow more frequent building and building a high pitch tone seemed to scream as the energy seemed to reach its apex. Then an eerie silence filled the room as the opal lenses began to glow pure white. Then with a violent blast the goggles exploded sending Kota flying into a wall, knocking him out. When Kota came to his eyes couldn’t seem to focus and his ears were still ringing from the explosion. As the room came into focus Kota could see the explosion had caused everything in the room to crash into the walls and most of it was on fire smoke billowing out of the window. But standing in the middle of the room was the creature Kota had seen except his suit was gone and chunks of his torso, left arm and right leg were missing. Large patches of his pale skin were burned and black blood dripped from his wounds. “What the hell are you?” Kota whispered underneath his breath. The creature then slowly turned his head to Kota one of his eyeballs hanging from its skull. “Souls …I want your souls, muhahaha!” The creature cackled until it coughed up blood. Rushing towards Kota with its gold claws gleaming in the fire light, Kota stood up and braced himself. “Kota what’s going on?” Scotty said from the door way coughing a bit from the smoke. Kota looked away for just a moment to glance at Scotty and the creature ripped into his left arm with one its gold claw. “Kota! Mom Dad help something is attacking Kota!” Scotty screamed down the stairs as he grabbed a piece of a broken chair. The pain from the gash in Kota’s arm was excruciating but Kota didn’t focus on that instead he kicked the creature in the gut and sent it crashing to floor in front of Scotty. As the creature landed Scotty struck at it with the broken chair, but it launched itself up and before Scotty could land his hit the creature dug its golden claw into Scotty’s chest. Scotty’s face twisted in agony as the creature ripped its claw upward and cut through his torso. Kota watched in horror as the monster pulled out his claw removing an orb of smoke and energy from his brother’s chest. The monster held it in his claw dripping with blood for a moment then swallowed it whole. Kota could only watch in horror as the creature’s burns began to heal. “Yesss.” The creature hissed as it licked it claws clean.

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