Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #29

Kota looked around they were in the middle of a lush forest but just on the edge of the horizon Kota saw a huge stone structure. “Master Atlas where are we?” Kota asked as he stood wiping chunks of mud off of his pants and pack. “We are currently located about four miles away from my home and your prison. Now hurry the hell up I want to be home before dark and that is the closest body of water big enough to transport two adults.” Kota did as he was told and kept his mouth shut the whole walk; it was another two hours before they made it to the stone structure. Kota couldn’t believe that just one man stayed in such a huge building. When they finally arrived Kota noticed the building was over one hundred stories tall. “Master Atlas does anyone else live here or is it just you?” Kota spoke as they entered through a twenty foot doorway. “I have many guests who stay with me in my coliseum but most of the residents here are slaves just like you.” Atlas remarked as he lead Kota up a tall spiral staircase. When they reached the top of the stair case Atlas lead Kota to a room filled with a large bed and thousands of candles. There were spiders crawling all over the ceiling and the bed only had a thin sheet on it. “This will be your room until I decide on a permanent place for you. I will let you know the more pleased I am with you as a slave the nicer your accommodations will become. If you displease me however I’m sure the dungeons have a few loose chains. You may sleep here though until I call you, but you may only have one candle lit.” With that Atlas excused himself and closed the Iron door behind him. (Like I would ever take a single thing that demon offered.) Kota thought as he dropped his pack and fell onto the bed he was asleep much faster than he could have imagined. As he slept Kota’s mind didn’t dream but instead was left in a void of sight, smell, sound, sensation and taste until the void was interrupted by that familiar whisper. “Wake up human.” The whisper woke Kota and he stood upright quickly scanning the room for anyone. “Come to me I await you in the coliseum’s battle field.” Kota still half asleep soon found himself running to get to the bottom of the spiral staircase Atlas had guided him up yesterday. Then instead of taking a left out the large stone entryway Kota took a right and followed a narrow pathway into the battle field. As Kota took his first step onto the field he heard a loud slam behind him an iron gate had just been slammed shut. Kota knelt down before he said, “Mater Atlas how may I serve you?”  Atlas looked surprised to see his new slave being so obedient. Inside Kota’s mind he was visualizing chopping through Atlas’ jugular vein with his hatchet. Kota slightly grinned at the thought. “Human I have called you here for one reason and one reason only. You shall compete for your place in my coliseum. The more battles you win the more I will reward you. Lose and continue to lose and I will feed your rotting corpse to my pets.” 

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