Monday, October 7, 2013

Page #30

Kota stood and looked out over the field as iron doors began to open along the interior wall. Out of each door warriors of all shapes and sizes began to pour out and fill the battlefield. “You may choose two comrades from these men they will obey you as if you were me. If they don’t I will destroy something precious to them. Be cautious though human the men you do not choose will try to kill you.” Kota watched as the men lined up quickly and organized. “I need all of the humans to go stand against the walls No offense but I won’t have any use for you in a battle.” About six men left the ranks of the brawlers. “Now if you are a mage I need you to take a step forward everyone else take a step backward.” Kota watched as all the mages came forward. There were about twenty or so all together far too many to ask about their strengths.  “Okay then when I first saw our master I threw a magical lightening grenade at him and caused over half of his body to be burned and chunks of his torso arm and leg to be missing. Now who wants to battle beside me instead of against me?” Atlas came up and smacked Kota across the face with the back of his claw. Kota just smiled as one of the mages in the front row raised his staff. “Okay then mage get over here the rest of you can line up against the walls.”  Kota smirked at the mage as he stood next to him and the mage had to stifle a giggle. “Okay the rest of you come closer I want to see you up close.” Kota and the mage began walking through the ranks looking over each warrior. Then without Kota asking the mage tapped Kota on the shoulder and pointed to a man wearing a mask. Kota stopped for a moment to look him over his muscles were well defined and his eyes were sharp. “Okay mage I’ll take your word for it. Come on masked man.”  Kota and his two comrades walked towards Atlas as the other men began marching into the open gates and back into the dungeons. “Okay human meet Victor the mage he is a pain in my side but he works off his debt competently. And then we have Azelf the most effective killer in my entire battalion, a pure bred vampire has some of the fastest strikes I’ve ever seen.” Atlas introduced him to these two men and they bowed out of respect and master Atlas’ claws on their backs. “You three have one hour to prepare for battle and develop a strategy. Report back here within that time so we can begin the tournament. If you survive this week Kota I will give you a chance to earn your soul back.” Atlas said as he walked away. As soon as Atlas was out of view Kota turned to the mage and the vampire. “Okay Victor was it I need to know what type of magic you specialize in.”  Victor looked at Kota with fire burning in his eyes. “I work with barriers and summoning. I am proficient at casting elemental spells but I mainly work with barriers.” 

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